Bilder på våra tävlande hundar kommer att finnas här i galleriet efter tävlingen.

W.O.L.F  ( World of Lupines Foundation ) står för evenemanget på facebook
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7 jun kl. 14:00–14 jun kl. 17:00 UTC+01. (Deadline 6 jun)
Arrangeras av World of Lupines Foundation – WOLF

> The 2020 Online Show. 

(The categories you chose will be judged by a certified judge so you will get a professional feedback).

Registered Lupine Dogs and Lupine Foundation Dogs only can enter the Lupine Dog specific classes.
Any Wolfdog can enter all the Wolfdog classes.
Only pure bred Saarloos and Czechoslovakian Vlcak for their own specific classes.
Fun Classes are open to all breeds/any dog.

W.O.L.F. are looking for sponsors for each class, please get in touch via email or PM you’re interested in sponsoring. Sponsorship is £10 per class or £15 for Best in Show. If you’re sponsoring as a business we’re happy to link it your facebook page to the album, along with having the sponsor printed on the rosettes/ribbons.

For all Lupine Dog and Wolfdog classes we request one stacked picture, one head shot and one movement picture. We’ll make a demonstration post about these shortly. For all the Fun Classes just one picture is fine, whichever you think shows off your dog best. For the Best Trick a short video is needed.
The Lupine Dog and Wolfdog classes will have an official Kennel Club Judge. The Fun classes will require some audience participation, more info on that to follow.

To register your dog/dogs;
Send your entry fee via paypal to Please use the friends and family option or we get charged a fee from paypal.
Once you’ve completed your payment, message us at World of Lupines Foundation – WOLF and tell us what entries you would like to make.
You’ll be allocated a show number for each dog which will be attached to all their entries.
You’ll have up until the start of the event on the 7th June to send in the required photos/videos. They will then be added into the albums in preparation for judging.
Once judging is completed, winners will be announced on the W.O.L.F. page and you’ll be sent out your winners rosettes/ribbons by post (please be aware this may take a few weeks due to current pandemic).

Entry Fees: £2.00 per entry or £10.00 for 6 entries.

Class List:
1, Lupine Dog Puppy 0 – 6 months
2, Lupine Dog Junior 7 – 18 months – Sponsored by Mobius Peak Lupine Dogs
3, Member’s Prospective Lupine Foundation Dog
4, Classic Lupine/Foundation Lupine Dog Female 18 months + – Sponsored by Wijze Wolf Natuurcoach
5, Classic Lupine/Foundation Lupine Dog Male 18 months +
6, Intermediate Lupine/Foundation Lupine Dog Female 18 months +
7, Intermediate Lupine/Foundation Lupine Dog Male 18 months +
8, Advanced Lupine/Foundation Lupine Dog Female 18 months +
9, Advanced Lupine/Foundation Lupine Dog Male 18 months +
10, Reserve Best Lupine/Foundation Lupine Dog in Show
11, Best Lupine/Foundation Lupine Dog in Show – Sponsored by Flow Coaching & Training

12, Wolfdog Puppy 0 – 6 months – Sponsored by Mobius Peak Lupine Dogs
13, Wolfdog Junior 7 – 18 months
14, Wolfdog Female 18 months + Sponsored by Silva Amica Wolfhonden
15, Wolfdog Male 18 months +
16, Czechoslovakian Vlcak – Sponsored by – Flow Coaching & Training
17, Saarloos Wolfhund
18, Wolf-a-like Breed – Sponsored by International Tamaskan Register
19, Reserve Best Wolfdog in Show
20, Best Wolfdog in Show

21, Cutest Puppy 0 – 12 months
22, Prettiest Bitch
23, Handsomest Dog
24, Best Trick
25, Matching Pair
26, Oddest Couple
27, Best Rescue Dog
28, Best Condition Senior
29, Reserve Best Novelty in Show
30, Best Novelty in Show

Resultat från tävlingen.
Shiva o Nuri kom på 3e plats i olika klasser. Vi hade 13 hundar med i olika klasser ifrån Arnstorpsgårdens AWD.

Congratulations to All dogs particapating in the 2020 W.O.LF online Show.
Special Gongratulations to our Nuri and Shiva on there 3rd places🥉🥉🇸🇪🐺🐺💝💝🏆
🌹Thank you everyone that shared and voted for our wolfdogs🐺👏